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We are a family-run business led by John and Jacqui Doig, a husband-and-wife team who believe in delivering exceptionally high standards and flexibility to our customers. Everyone we move benefits from John’s expertise as Export Packer of the Year and our 80 years of combined knowledge of the national and international removal and relocation industry.

JD Relocation Services is a relocation, storage, and distribution company servicing international, commercial, and domestic clients. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, we cover the whole of Scotland, as well as national and international locations.

Every relocation is different, and we pride ourselves on listening to what our customers request. We are very much hands-on from the survey and quotation stages through to completion at the destination. To ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, we are always available to assist you.

During our careers in relocation and packing, we have moved thousands of customers and worked and travelled worldwide, ensuring our customers receive a service second to none.



John has been in the moving industry for 46 years; it is what he knows and loves. John (aka Yogie) was born in Aberdeen, and when he was only 18, he joined Rapid Removal, Aberdeen, where his love of removals started. He has worked for various removal companies throughout his career and is very well respected within the removal industry. His claims to fame are that he was awarded the British Association of Removers (BAR) Packer of the Year and was runner-up in BAR’s Champion of Champions competition. So, he knows a thing or two about export packing and professional moving services!

John has a passion for removals that you do not see very often. Regarding difficult items to be moved, John says, “If it can be moved, it will be moved.” No matter how awkward the item, John does whatever it takes to get the job done. From taking windows out to using a block and tackle to get a sofa in a window, he has removed it all.



Jacqui has been in the logistics and relocation industry for more than 35 years and has worked and travelled all over the world.

Her passion for removals was inspired by Yogie, whom she met 35 years ago. Since then, she has learned and been educated in all aspects of the domestic and commercial relocation business.

Like Yogie, she is extremely passionate about her work and strives to give all customers the very best experience and the most added value possible.

Jacqui attributes her success and passion for the removal industry to travelling and meeting like-minded people worldwide and continuing to learn en route. As well as running her own relocation business, Jacqui also has her own travel business, which furthers enhances JD Relocation Services’ international scope.

John and Jacqui love to travel and learn about different countries and cultures. Because of their experience and connections worldwide, they collaborate with only the most trustworthy partners who share their high customer service standards.

Their vast experience, commitment, standards, and list of achievements, led John and Jacqui to be proud members of the Your Moving Group members-only association within the removal and relocation sector.


JOHN DOIG / Interview with Transit Times

John Doig

Transit Times caught up with John on his way back to Transeuro Aberdeen from a job in Paris. We asked him about his packing career:

1 What do you think gave you the edge to win Packer of the Year?

Well, I’ve been packing for about 24 years! Also, I do export packing every day, whereas packers who work for companies who mainly do local moves don’t get anywhere near as much experience.

2 Did you enjoy the competition?

It was good to watch other people. You’re always learning in this business, and I like to pick up tips. A lot of people think they know everything, but no one does; you’re always learning.

3 What is the most difficult thing to pack?

Chandeliers are difficult. I suspend the chandelier in a crate and then fill the crate with very fine polystyrene beads. If you drill a hole in the crate and put a cork in, then at the destination you can remove the cork so the beads fall out. You can then lift the chandelier out of the crate. All the beads have come out and the chandelier is completely intact. You hope!

4 Does the travelling you have to do affect your family and social life?

It’s always been part of the job. My wife knew that when she married me. Transeuro are much more flexible than other companies: they’ll allow you to make arrangements if there’s something you really don’t want to miss. Mind you, it’s a great excuse if you don’t want to do something!

5 Have you done any particularly interesting jobs you could tell us about?

About 20 years ago, I was working in Shetland. Someone had bought a very expensive leather 3 piece suite in an Aberdeen shop, and we had to deliver it. There was no road to the house, so we had to carry the suite across the fields to the house. You could only see the chimneys from the road, and it felt like miles as we trudged along between the sheep!

The same company used to do a lot of deliveries for Harrods; one was a 3 piece suite to a council estate in a suburb of Kirkaldy. The woman who had bought the suite had obviously hoped to impress her neighbours with the delivery. She was considerably upset that we didn’t arrive in a Harrods van, and made her disappointment very plain!


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